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The WhiteLight Teeth Whitening System is an affordable light-activated whitening kit that uses a battery powered light, one size whitening tray and a whitening gel to provide effective, fast results. The product manufacturer says you can expect results in just 10 minutes, but it can be worn for up to 30 minutes per whitening session. It’s formulated to remove deep stains that penetrate the tooth surfaces, often from tea, coffee, red wine, cola and smoking. It’s unsure what the concentration of whitening gel is for WhiteLight, or what ingredients are used, but it’s probably a moderately concentrated peroxide formula as that’s the main ingredient in these types of products. It can be purchased anywhere in the range of $5-25 and is often found discounted by retailers.


  • Added white light power to amplify whitening results
  • Uses formula to deeply penetrate stains within the tooth
  • Whitens teeth in as few as 10 minutes


  • One-size-fits-all whitening tray doesn’t hold solution well against teeth
  • Limited gel product runs out quickly
  • Gel can cause chemical burns on the gums if it comes into contact with them


This is a fairly inexpensive product, which most likely means the quality isn’t so good. The one-size-fits-all generic mouth tray is not made to safely hold the whitening gel against the tooth surfaces, so if too much product is used you can easily experience chemical burns on the gums. If you do use it, take care to avoid contact with your gums at all times. The benefit of the WhiteLight kit is that it’s one of the cheapest available light amplified whitening kits available. While the concentration of the product isn’t specified, we suspect it’s moderate to high, given the chance of chemical burns in previous customers and the shore duration time for whitening. People also seem to have a problem with saliva flowing around the teeth since the tray is so loosely fitted. Teeth can be whitened in just 10 minutes but for better results you may want to do it up to 30 minutes per session. You’ll run out of product fairly quickly, but because it’s cheap you can afford to buy more, or feel that you haven’t wasted much money if it turns out to not be worth your time.

WhiteLight Tooth Whitening System Review2.5Sharon Boyd, RDH2012-12-20 14:02:00The WhiteLight Teeth Whitening System is an affordable light-activated whitening kit that uses a battery powered light, one size whitening tray and a …
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