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Venus White Ultra whitens teeth using disposable, pre-filled single use whitening trays. There is no need to already have professionally fitted custom trays, use messy gels or slippery strip products. These trays are very convenient to use and provide entry-level whitening in the Venus White line of tooth whitening products. The trays are pre-loaded with mint flavored 11.2% hydrogen peroxide gel, and fit snugly against the teeth to keep the whitening product in contact with the areas you desire to reach. Use Venus White Ultra once a day for up to 7 days and most notice visible results in just 3 days. For more dramatic results, customers may want to use up to 2 kits consecutively, and they may also be used as a follow up whitening or for touch-ups throughout the year. The set includes 7 pairs of upper and lower trays. The trays are ultra thin for maximum comfort, and are specially shaped to fit the upper and lower teeth appropriately to improve patient experience. Venus White Ultra cover more teeth than competitor pre-filled tray systems and mold to the teeth for the best fit. This kit is a good whitening choice for teens and young adults. The over-the-counter gel is dentist recommended, requires no dental appointment and is affordably priced compared to professional whitening options.


  • Pre-filled trays are easy to use and disposable. There is no need for strips or messy gel
  • Wear just once a day for up to 7 days
  • Covers more teeth than competitor trays
  • Upper and lower arch designs included
  • Thin and comfortable


  • Some users report only a difference of 1-2 shades within the first week, so a 2nd kit may be needed for more dramatic results.
  • More appropriate for minor whitening needs, young adults and teens.


Customers of Venus White Ultra say that the mint gel tastes great. There is some sensitivity, and some users say that they only see an improvement of 1 or 2 shades after the treatment. Because it has been tested on young adults and aims to be an effective product for this age range, it is probably best suited for those with minor whitening needs. Otherwise, a follow up kit may be needed for more advanced whitenig. Teens that are just getting out of orthodontic treatment or are self-conscious of tooth coloration may benefit from this product as it is easy to use and fits well against all surfaces of the teeth, without too much attention to detail. Adults with heavy coffee, tea, red wine or smoking stains may look to more concentrated Venus White products instead of the Ultra line. The 160-year-old company that manufactures Venus White products donates a percentage of every Venus sale to support breast cancer research.

Venus White Ultra Review3.4Sharon Boyd, RDH2012-08-30 20:55:26Venus White Ultra whitens teeth using disposable, pre-filled single use whitening trays. There is no need to already have professionally fitted custom…
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    How long do you keep the trays on when using Venus White Pro 22%? I lost the instructions.

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