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Smile Brilliant Whitening Products offer both custom tray whitening as well as a whitening pen (with or without LED light.) The Smile Brilliant custom tray whitening kit is available for online purchase. Once ordered and shipped to your home, you take your own teeth impressions and return the impressions in a postage paid envelope where Smile Brilliant laboratories will make your custom fitted whitening tray. Their 48 hour processing time allows them to quickly ship your snug fitting professional whitening tray back to you so that you can begin whitening at home without ever needing to step foot in a dental office. Smile Brilliant uses a certified dental lab and has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 735 customer reviews. Smile Brilliant Whitening Products offer a 30-day money back guarantee and will replace your whitening trays if they are ever destroyed or lost. Additional material is available at no charge if you find that you made a mistake while taking your own impressions. Their 22% peroxide gel is pure with no fillers, has a shelf life of up to 2 years (or 5 if refrigerated) and can remove stubborn stains like tetracycline. The whitening pen uses a sticky formula of the same 22% concentration allowing you to whiten on the go, or for an additional charge you can buy the LED teeth whitening system that includes the whitening pen as well as a high intensity ultra blue LED activating light.


  • Perhaps the most affordable custom-tray kit on the market
  • Certified dental lab
  • Truly professional, customized whitening trays
  • No need to see a dentist
  • Available pen and LED system
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime tray replacement warranty
  • Additional impression material available at no charge


  • Delay in whitening until tray is delivered (if choosing a tray system)


Smile Brilliant Whitening Products are another one of the few that offer truly professionally fitting whitening trays from an at-home whitening kit. You’ll never need to visit a dentist as long as you’re patient enough to take your own impressions and mail them off (in the prepaid envelope). Their whitening gel is affordable, with refills around $35 and free shipping. To maintain your smile or just whiten with a pen, Smile Brilliant Whitening Products Whitening Pen is available for $30 and is great for on the go. For an additional $10 you can purchase the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System that includes the whitening pen and an LED light to use 20 minutes a day. The whitening tray package is only $89 making it literally one of the most affordable custom tray packages available on the market. I tell people that these types of kits are worth the investment alone just for the whitening trays, but their affordable gel and great customer rating makes in a good investment for every part of the package, no matter which one you’re buying. You can’t beat their 30 day money back guarantee or the fact that they’ll replace your whitening trays for free (and you’ll never have to retake the impression because keep all teeth models at their laboratory.)

Smile Brilliant Whitening Products Review3.9Sharon Boyd, RDH2013-05-17 21:53:20Smile Brilliant Whitening Products offer both custom tray whitening as well as a whitening pen (with or without LED light.) The Smile Brilliant custom…
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