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NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit brings custom professionally fitted whitening trays straight to you at home. The kit includes custom mold materials that you use in your own home and send in to the company so that their dental lab technicians can create a custom-fitted professional style whitening tray. This type of tray set is usually only available in a dental office for 50-100% more in addition to the price of what the NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit retails for. The impression is easy for you to take at home. Just take the trays out and place them in warm water. After waiting 4minutes and checking the softness, you put the tray inside of your mouth and press it down onto your teeth until it hardens. These are then sent to a dental lab where the trays are made with a custom fit that also features a small reservoir to hold whitening gel against your tooth when you wear them. This is the way true whitening trays are made by a dentist. Once you have your custom trays you wear them for 30 minutes a day until you achieve the whitening results that you want (typically 2 weeks). NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit use 22% carbamide peroxide solution and are 100% guaranteed by its Singapore manufacturer. NovaWhite has been in the whitening manufacturing business for 5 years and was ranked by AOL as one of the top 10 home whitening companies. Included in the NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit are 6 syringes of gel, a retainer case, and preloaded impression tray set.


  • True, custom-fit professional whitening trays in your home
  • Priced below professional whitening trays
  • 100% guaranteed


  • Costs more than your average home tray whitening kit


NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit is a great home whitening kit for someone that wants professionally fitted trays to get better results, but doesn’t want to go to the dentist. The kit retails between $130-186, which is below the average price of custom whitening trays at the dentist (not to include the cost for an exam). This is about as fancy and effective of a tray that is possible to get from a home whitening kit, and the results are going to show for it. The company recommends placing 1mL of gel in each tooth on the tray in order to cover the entire tooth surface, but it really isn’t necessary to whiten the backside or chewing surfaces of your teeth, because those don’t show when you smile. Instead, just put a drop of gel in the reservoir of each tooth in the whitening tray so that the gel smooths out evening over the side of the tooth toward the face. Focus on the teeth that show when you smile.

NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit Review4.2Sharon Boyd, RDH2013-04-26 17:33:35NovaWhite SuperNova Whitening Kit brings custom professionally fitted whitening trays straight to you at home. The kit includes custom mold materials …
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