Natural White 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System Review

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Natural White 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System is an affordable, quick whitening routine that is safe for people with sensitive teeth. The manufacturer claims that even people with the most sensitive teeth are ideal users for this kit, and it is guaranteed to whiten the tooth several shades in just one week. The European formula contains no peroxide, so it is gentle on the teeth. It uses a peroxide free method of oxidation to eliminate stain on the surface of the tooth.

The 5-Minute kit contains enough product for 25 applications and is meant to be used at least twice a day, promising fast results. The unique duplex model mouth tray allows people to whiten their upper and lower teeth at the same time, using a single mouthpiece. Be sure when placing the duplex tray into the mouth that you have it right side up.

Results are best when the teeth are brushed prior to whitening. Place the extra gentle gel in the upper and lower reservoirs of the duplex mouth tray. Then use the gentle accelerator pen to rub the accelerator gel against the surfaces of all of the tooth areas that are to be whitened. Quickly place the tray into the mouth, which allows it to combine with the activator gel and whiten the teeth. The manufacturer warns against prolonged contact with the whitening kit, and that it should only be left in the mouth for 5 to 10 minutes. However, they state it is safe to use up to 4 times in a single day. After removing the tray, brush teeth thoroughly to remove any residual gel, then brush the teeth with whitening toothpaste (we aren’t sure if this is included in the kit or not). Repeat this routine morning and night until the kit has been used up.

This kit should not be used on people that wear braces or on anyone under the age of 16. Avoid contact with the gums to prevent tissue burns.


  • Affordable
  • Short routine (5-10 minutes, twice a day)
  • Quick results


  • Tedious routine
  • Must be repeated at least twice each day
  • Not safe for anyone under age 16 (it makes us wonder why?)
  • We aren’t really sure what’s included in this kit and if any items need to be purchased separately
  • Unsure of whitening ingredients


While the Natural White 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System contains several steps to each application, the kit is extremely affordable and does offer fair whitening results. For people whitening on a budget, this is a fair option! Our only concerns are that we do not know what all is included in this kit (does it include the whitening toothpaste that it says to use?) and what ingredients it uses to whiten the teeth, other than the fact that it is “peroxide free”. Other than the tedious steps required, people that want to whiten on a budget ought to be pretty happy with this kit. 

Natural White 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System Review2.9Sharon Boyd, RDH2012-11-12 18:38:22Natural White 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System is an affordable, quick whitening routine that is safe for people with sensitive teeth. The manufacturer…
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