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IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit takes whitening pens to the extreme, using them in a full at-home whitening kit that avoids the use of messy trays, strips or gels altogether. IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit has several pending patents on their product and market it as a safe, effective, and easy to use product for just about anyone. One of the things that make this kit so unique (like many of IntelliWHiTE products!) is the latex free, 100% cotton bleach bumpers. These bumpers are similar to those used in the dental office and help retract your lips so you can easily apply the no-drip whitening paint to the teeth without having to push your lips out of the way. The bumpers keep tissue from coming into contact with the gel and wiping it off the teeth, and saliva from washing the solution off of the teeth as well. The entire application takes just 10 minutes and uses the intelliWHiTE whitening pen to apply the gel to your teeth. Use the included peroxide free stain eraser for on the go stain removal that compromises your whitening results. The gentle process freshens breath and is clinically tested to show that teeth are whitened up to 38% after just 6 uses. A barrier placed on the teeth also reduces your risk to develop new stain deposits. Included in the kit are two 7-day treatments of bleach bumpers and pro whitening pen to use every other week. There is also a 30-day supply of pro stain eraser pen.

To use, place a bumper under both the lower and upper lips then dry your teeth with a cloth or tissue. Then use the whitening pen by pushing the button until a small amount of gel appears on the brush. Brush a thin layer of gel on the front of the teeth, wait 10 minutes and then remove the bumpers as the whitener continues to work. Because it’s still whitening, wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking. The whitening brush uses a felt tip for more specific whitening application. It also contains xylitol which is a sweetener that naturally prevents plaque from being able to build up on the teeth, improving both tooth and gum health while reducing the risk of decay. It can be used on veneers to remove stain as well.


  • Expands the whitening capabilities of whitening pens
  • Bleach bumpers prevent lips from coming into contact with the solution, reducing irritation and keeping the gel on your teeth
  • Application time is just 10 minutes
  • Contains xylitol, which prevents plaque buildup
  • No trays or strips


  • The pen gel may become thick and gummy. Keep the product sealed tightly


IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit allows people who prefer to whiten with whitening pens one of the most advanced whitening kits available for their whitening method. One of the major problems with choosing to use whitening pens is that the contact of the lips and saliva on the teeth prevent the gel formula from working as effectively or quickly as if it were applied in a strip or tray. With IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit the bleach bumpers prevent this problem altogether, allowing the whitening pen to do its work without having the gel wiped or washed away by lips and saliva. Some people do complain that the bumpers are difficult to use, but this tends to only be a problem if you have a heavy saliva flow. If you prefer whitening with a pen, you’ll love the short 10 minute treatment time and the results of the IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit.

IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit Review4.6Sharon Boyd, RDH2013-03-02 17:48:02IntelliWhite Pro Whitening Kit takes whitening pens to the extreme, using them in a full at-home whitening kit that avoids the use of messy trays, str…
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