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Go Smile is an easy, comfortable way for almost anyone to whiten their teeth. The short, simple steps are quicker than using whitening trays or strips, and not nearly as messy. It’s simple as flip, pop, apply. It takes just a few minutes each day to apply. The basic whitening kit contains 20 patented ampoules that hold the whitening serum. Go Smile’s patented Ampoule Technology keeps the whitening serum potent until the day it is used. The process is simple, remove an ampoule from the container, remove the paper sleeve, flip the applicator over and replace the sleeve. Then pop the inside and squeeze as the whitening serum flows down into the applicator tip. Squeeze the ampoule as you apply the whitening serum in a circular motion onto the teeth, until all of the serum is gone. The application is as simple as applying lip balm. Use the product twice a day for 7 days, for a total of 14 ampoules. The bonus 6 ampoules are to provide advanced whitening for more stubborn areas, or to touch up as needed. Go Smile’s research allows for effective, safe whitening with a very unlikely chance to cause sensitivity.


  • Simple, straightforward application
  • Less messy
  • Unlikely to cause sensitivity
  • Fast application time
  • Allows for area specific whitening, if desired


  • None


Go Smile is a simple, straightforward whitening system that requires very little time. Their developers have done a successful job at producing an effective whitening option that fits any lifestyle. Literally, the hardest thing to do about this product is to remember to use it twice a day for 7 days, but that is a poor excuse to look over it as most people can remember to do this right after brushing their teeth twice a day. The prefilled ampoules make dosage simple, and there is no chance that you will use too much or too little product when attempting to reach the potential results. The pad applicator is much less messy than applying and removing whitening strips or trays. For best results point the tube down before squeezing, and then continue to squeeze the ampoule until the application tip is saturated with the whitening serum. Focus more on problem areas, or skip over areas that are no concern at all, such as porcelain crowns or veneers. Go Smile is available at several beauty retailers across the U.S.

GO SMiLE Review4.4Sharon Boyd, RDH2012-06-23 18:00:17Go Smile is an easy, comfortable way for almost anyone to whiten their teeth. The short, simple steps are quicker than using whitening trays or strips…
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Sharon Boyd graduated from Tyler Junior College located in Tyler, Texas USA in 2001 with her Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Since then she has practiced as a Registered Dental Hygienist primarily in a general office setting, with experience in Pediatrics and Cosmetic offices as well.

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