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Colgate Visible White is a hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel that is available for purchase online or in the dental office. It comes in strengths of 5%, 7%, and 9%, with 9% being equal to 30% carbamide peroxide competitor gels. The higher solutions offer quicker results, with the lower solutions helping to reduce sensitivity during the treatment. Colgate Visible White gel should only be used in professionally fabricated whitening trays, so it is perfect for a refill kit. Please do not use this gel in an over the counter, home fabricated tray. Doing so can allow the whitening gel to come into contact with sensitive gum tissues and cause a burning sensation. The gel has a pleasant mint flavor that does not cause too much tooth sensitivity. The Colgate kit also includes a whitening stray storage case. Manufacturer instructions recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks after using the product until having any dental treatment completed. This also allows any tooth colored fillings or crowns to be matched to the new, whiter shade of tooth enamel. 


  • 3 strengths to choose from, with higher concentrations producing results quicker, and lower strengths causing less sensitivity.
  • Wear for just 30 minutes per day, up to 14 days (or less, if you have already achieved your desired results).
  • Results are visible after just a few applications.
  • 9% hydrogen peroxide gel is equivalent to 30% carbamide peroxide products


  • Must be used with professionally fabricated home whitening trays


Colgate Visible White is an effective product manufactured by an established oral care company. Colgate Visible White has been shown through clinical studies to provide statistically significant tooth whitening over Opalescence whitening gel after 5 days of use. (1) If you are looking for refill gel for your customized whitening trays (that were made in the dental office) then this is a great product for a great price. Because it is available in a variation of strengths, you can select the one most appropriate for your own teeth. Please do not use this product in a generic, over the counter mouth tray; it should not be used for these. When professional trays are used, a small amount of whitening gel goes a long way. This kit comes with 4 syringes of whitening gel. Depending on how long you whiten your teeth, the product may be enough for your touch ups for an entire year.


1. Delgado E, Hernández-Cott PL, Stewart B, Collins M, De Vizio W.; Tooth-whitening efficacy of custom tray-delivered 9% hydrogen peroxide and 20% carbamide peroxide during daytime use: a 14-day clinical trial.; P R Health Sci J. 2007 Dec;26(4):367-72.

Colgate Visible White Review5Sharon Boyd, RDH2012-07-21 16:45:44Colgate Visible White is a hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel that is available for purchase online or in the dental office. It comes in strengths …
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    could you please let me is it necessary to consult the Doctor before using it?and how use it like once a day or twice a day?and how many days i need to use like permanent or some specific period?

    please give the answers….thanks


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